IAUA Sacred Name IAUA
IAUA End Time Ministry
Preparing for the End of Time

I adapted this traditional praise song which already contains the short form of the Sacred Name and wrote new words. I reduced the repetitiveness of the song with more variation in the words. The song begins with the chorus, which repeats after each verse. A pronunciation guide is shown below the chorus.

Music: Allelu-IA.mid

The arrangement in the MIDI file moves one chorus from between the second and third verses and adds it to the end. There is also a simple step up transpose modulation after each chorus.


Allelu-IA, Praise IAUA,
(ahl-lay-loo-ee-ah, Praise ee-ah-oo-ah)
Allelu-IA, IAUShUO,
(ahl-lay-loo-ee-ah, ee-ah-oo-shoo-oh)
Allelu-IA, Praise IAUA,
(ahl-lay-loo-ee-ah, Praise ee-ah-oo-ah)
Allelu-IA, Praise IA.
(ahl-lay-loo-ee-ah, Praise ee-ah)

He is coming soon, Allelu-IA,
Soon taking us home, Allelu-IA,
Home living with Him, Allelu-IA,
His unending life, Praise IA.

Heavenly Father, holy is your name,
may your kingdom come, and your will be done,
Your will done on earth, as it is in Heav'n,
Give to us each day, Daily Bread,

Forgive us our sins, When we will forgive,
Lead us from all sin, Save us from evil,
Your kingdom of Peace, Power of your truth,
Glory of your Love, Forever

I have included sheet music for your use. Enjoy.

Revised 2011-07-24