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Dear Brothers and Sisters of IAUA our Heavenly Father,

It is with great joy, I present to you this Bible Study on the topics of present truth for the last generation. I hope this study draws you, as deeply as the Holy Spirit has drawn me, to a renewed interest in the Bible and Present Truth.

My spiritual journey wandered for years in circles and cycles because I thought I knew the Bible. In reality, I only studied what the church taught me to study. I was complacent, like the Laodicean church, as described by the Messiah in Revelation 3:14-22. I felt a half-hearted desire for more but was comfortable with the daily activities of life.

God knew my condition and by the work of the Holy Spirit impressed on my mind the nearness of the end of time. I had this realization from childhood but after years of hearing the same old tired prodding, I became callous to the warning of the Three Angels' Message. I believe the same is true of many in the church today. When I began to study more and meditate on the nearness of the end of time, a greater concern energized me about being prepared for the end of time.

While talking with others about the nearness of the end of time, I received a pair of small books, which deeply challenged my complacency about my knowledge of the Bible. I read things, which I had never heard before. The Holy Spirit opened my eyes to a vast amount of Bible truth of which I had been woefully ignorant. I hope this book will do the same for you.

With astonishing swiftness, my life began to change completely. As I began to dig deeper and deeper into the Bible, my whole outlook on life began to change. The things I had once enjoyed began to lose my interest. Bible study became my primary interest. Within a year, my job laid me off and I felt God moving in a powerful way to change my life.

While looking for work I threw myself even deeper into hours of daily study of the Bible and research of the new truths I was learning. It would be almost two years before God would allow me to return to the workforce in serving His purposes and not the ways of the world.

I hope this book will encourage you to a deeper study of the Bible. I believe the topics of this book are a valuable study guide to lead you to topics of importance, which we often overlook. The first book, "Preparing for the End of Time", is an introduction to a series of books, which covers the complete subject area of my studies on "Present Truth". This fourth book, "Sacred Name IAUA", expands on one of these subjects. As God leads and time allows I will prepare other books expanding on these topics.

It is important to remind you, our belief in our precious Savior is what saves us. When this belief converts us, we will begin to grow into all truth. This belief leads us to study more of His Word. As we learn more about Him, His Love for us draws us closer to Him. When the love of God fills our hearts, we will become passionate about learning everything He tells us. The expression of our love is to follow the guidance He gives us.

15 If ye love me, keep my commandments.
John 14:15

We obey the guidance found in His Law of Love because we trust Him to know what is best for us. Obedience does not save us. Obedience sanctifies us as we prepare for a place in His kingdom of Love.

12 Wherefore, my beloved, as ye have always obeyed, not as in my presence only, but now much more in my absence, work out your own salvation with fear and trembling.
Philippians 2:12

Obedience and study is our work of salvation. Please, open your heart and pray for the work of the Holy Spirit. Let this book guide you to study deeply into His Word and learn more about His guidance for our lives. What I say may sometimes sound harsh but I pray you may sense a spirit, which is learning to be gentle, under the molding of the Holy Spirit.

With all the love God places in my heart,

Frank T. Clark

Frank T. Clark

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