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The most appropriate use of the Sacred Name is in songs of praise to His Name. It amazes me to hear people sing all kinds of songs where they say they are praising His Name but they do not use His Name in the song. I have been regularly rewriting the words of songs when I sing them and insert the Sacred Name.

I am saddened to hear songs, which say something such as, “Praise the name of Jesus” but Jesus is not His Name. Other songs say, “Praise the name of The Lord”, but never mention His Name.

Attempting to substitute words that are more appropriate is difficult because The Lord and Jesus are only two syllables. The full form of the name of God is four syllables and the name of our Messiah is five syllables. Many times, it works well to use the short form of the name of God, which is two syllables.

I have adapted a traditional praise song, which already contains the short form of the Sacred Name, and wrote new words. The song is based on the Hebrew word Alleluia, which is the strongest evidence for the transliteration into Latin script and the source for the original Greek pronunciation of the transliterated Hebrew word.

I have reduced the repetitiveness of the song with more variation in the words. The next page shows the revised sheet music. The song begins with the chorus, which repeats after each verse. There is a pronunciation guide shown below the chorus.

The music of the song is available as a MIDI file at this web page:

This is the sheet music of the song, which can also be printed from the web page.

Sheet Music

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